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Monday, May 23, 2011

Designer Bedding For Not So Designer Prices

Can we say, "Hello Kate Spade and welcome to the bedding department?" The world of Kate Spade has expanded even more and gotten even better. How can that be possible? We all love Kate for her stylish handbags, posh sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, iPhone cases, accessories, dinnerware, and now BEDDING! Wohoo!

I was at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and saw this cheery bedding! It's the Heirloom Roses Comforter. The large scale blooms pop off the crisp white background. The yellow striped shams look amazing paired with the comforter for contrast. Also, you can't tell in the picture, but the comforter is set with the Heirloom Roses green/white sheets. The vibrant green and white lattice pattern is gorgeous! So much so, that I need an excuse to use them in my home! Maybe they will work in Baby A's room? Oh wait, she still sleeps in a crib! Hum.... I covet those sheets!! Must have them!!

Heirloom Roses Bedding
Heirloom Roses Sheets
Gardner Street Bedding
This Gardner Street Collection merges feminine beauty and casual elegance. The white leafy foliage flourish on the exquisite green. White and green lattice pattern emerge from the reverse side making this a refreshing collection. 
Fairmont Striped Bedding
The Fairmont Collection blends bold black and white stripes to create a elegantly modern and classically timeless look. This look is great for any room. 

What makes these bedding collections so attractive is their bold colors, fresh prints, and fair prices.The collections range in price from $149.99 to $179.99. Kate Spade is excluded from all Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, but that's alright because you are getting designer bedding for under $200!

Can you see changing your bedroom and utilizing one of these collections for a fresh new look? If so, which one would you choose?

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  1. WOW! That was a great tip! I'm kinda shocked no one commented on it- cause those bedding collections are freakin awesome! Thanks for sharing (and for coming by my blog!)

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