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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Office Design Board

When my mom asked me to decorate her new home I knew I had a big job on my hands! I was thrilled though because I had a blank canvas to work with and multiple spaces to outfit. One of the spaces is her office which I wanted to be something bright and cheery. This is what I came up with.

 I tossed around many ideas and color palettes until finally settling on painting the room Palm Coast Pale from Benjamin Moore. Nate the Great is actually painting the room today so hopefully it is as beautiful and sunny in person as it is on the teeny tiny sample! Don't you just love picking paint colors for a room that's a million times larger than the actual sample card?!?!

My inspiration for this room came from Megan's office from HoneyWereHome. Her space looks so pulled together and cozy. The color palette feels fresh, yet sophisticated, so that was my jumping off point. One of my favorite things from her space is the Blog poster which is from Made By Girl. That poster might even end up framed in my office!

Hopefully the room will be complete in the next couple of weeks for me to share with everyone! I'll be busy working in there this weekend while our men are in Las Vegas! Can we say TROUBLE!!

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