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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Steal or Deal? My Recent Finds

Join me and let's play Steal or Deal as we browse through pics of my recent finds from some of my favorite local shopping places.

This table lamp was found at TJ Maxx. It has a great print on the shade and the texture almost feels like felt. I paid only $ 29.99 and it is perfect for the office at my parent's home. So, is it a steal or a deal?

Of course it's a STEAL! A similar lamp elsewhere would cost at least $100!

This my friends is a French inspired arm chair. I will tell you that I paid $199 for it. Steal or Deal?

It's a Deal! I found similar ones starting at around $250. It was kind of a steal in my eyes though because I snatched it before they even put it out on the floor. Once again, it was from TJ Maxx! I will spruce it up and it will look even better with a fun pillow.

West Elm Modernist bowls $8

This is a bright yellow patterned bowl that I found in the kitchenware section at West Elm. It was $8. Steal or Deal?

I would call this a Deal. It wasn't ridiculously inexpensive, but it's a great bowl for paperclips in the office instead of a typical office accessory that one would buy at Office Max, etc.

Love me a bright yellow lamp with a crisp white shade! Especially when it's only $24.99!! I know, that gave it away! It's a STEAL from Kirkland's!! I bought the pair and they will look fabulous on white night stands! Here is the similar one I found that cost $159. That's more than an 85% savings!!

Jonathan Adler Ceramic Vase Table Lamp 

I hope you enjoyed playing my game of steal or deal. What kinds of deals or steals are you finding out there at your local stores? I'd love to hear from you! Send me a jpeg formatted picture of one of your favorite finds along with a description of where it's from and how much it cost. You might be surprised to see your find on my blog.

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1 comment:

  1. I love them all! I esp love the lamp shade! I hope I come across one like that at TJ Max one day. Well, you know, I might steal or borrow all your ideas! I love the lamps too. And the chair is great. I have a desk with similar arms that I must redo. And the bowls so cute!