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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dorm Room Design Board

Teenagers aren't as bad as they seem. Well, at least not the 2 I worked with! I had the task of designing a dorm room for McKinley and Karissa before they leave for Texas Tech. They both wanted a feminine, yet sophisticated look. They had colors in mind and had picked out bedding at Pottery Barn Teen. My job was to think of coordinating accessories, storage, and everything to fit 2 busy, studying girls' lifestyles away from home.

Now, I had to think back to my college days which was a VERY long time ago and try to remember what worked for me in such a tiny space. My first task was adding a lot of color without painting. That meant bright colors and lots of patterns.

Since bedding was already decided, I tackled accessories, and storage. First, I chose an under bed bamboo storage box since their closet is so compact. They will also use a storage caddy for face products, hair brush, dryer, etc. Their towels will hang on silver Command hooks affixed to the back of the door. Wicker baskets with monogrammed fabric liners will take the place of a clothes hamper and their many pairs of shoes will live in a hanging canvas shoe organizer.

On the desk we went with black wire desk accessories and a large Dottie Dry-Erase Calendar to hang on the wall so they can coordinate all their college events. They are "going green" with a dry erase board instead of using a paper calendar.

The design turned out vibrant and fresh which is perfect for teenagers starting a new part of their life away from home. My hope is that they have a blast implementing  my design choices and will enjoy their new, beautiful space!

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