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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tulips and a Find

I love tulips and how they remind me that spring is here. Even if it's chilly and rainy out, it feels bright and fresh inside. 

The vase was a $10 find this week at TJ Maxx. I instantly knew it was perfect for fresh flowers. They magically transform a space and add new life.  

Do you often splurge on fresh flowers in your home? 


  1. Great fiND and OnlY $10? sorry FOR the tYPING, SPILLED WATER ON THE LAPtop keyboard and now it'S wonkY. I was On a freSh flower buYIng BINGe when we were sELLING OUR HOUSE A FEW YEarS AGO AND now, WELL I NEED TO PICK SOME UP! love your pics today, so fresh and springy!

  2. I occasionally splurge on fresh flowers. If they're gorgeous, I totally want to bring them home with me. I also find that fresh flowers are perfect for the winter months. Great vase and tulips (they're my favorite).

  3. Love that vase! And yes, every now and then I grab some flowers. Tulips are my fave too. In fact I just grabbed some the other day for my kitchen "photoshoot" :). It was just me taking pictures. Thanks for stopping by to check it out and your awesome comment! Made my day!!