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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tag, I'm It..

The darling Elizabeth from Little Black Door tagged me in 11 questions. This is a fun game where I answer questions she came up with to give you some insight into myself. What's most enjoyable about blogging is getting to know other bloggers and developing relationships. I've truly enjoyed engaging with other talented bloggers so I hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit.

The rules are simple:
1. You must post the rules
2. Answer the 11 ?'s, then create 11 more for the tagged bloggers to answer
3. Tag 11 bloggers and link them in your post
4. Let them know you have tagged them

Here are Elizabeth's questions:
1. What room in your home would you change if you had an unlimited budget?
If money were no option, I would change my kitchen. It's the heart of our home and opens to the living area. I would enlarge the space so there's plenty of room for my little munchkin and me to cook. It would have white cabinets, marble, a large island for making messes, and an even larger eat in area with a banquette.

2. What is your decorating trend prediction for 2012?
This is hard to nail down just 1 trend? I feel like color will continue to dominate interiors and animal prints will stick around a while longer. I personally enjoy incorporating both into my home. I've even got a gray zebra rug on my radar.

3. If someone were to show up at your home right now would it be presentable?
YES! I am such a tidy person. Every day I pick up when "A" takes her midday nap, then again before bedtime. I don't like things out of place. Everything has a home wether it's a tray for supplies next to the desk, or a bowl for husband's keys, and wallet.

4. What was your favorite blog post?
There have been so many, but the first to come to mind would be Our Updated Master Bedroom. This is a calming and serene place where I go to relax in the evenings and I enjoy everything about it. I'm proud of what the space has turned into and I was thrilled to share it with everyone to see for themselves.

5. Music or Movies?
Music! It moves my soul and keeps me going. I'm the crazy person singing at the red light next to you.

6. If you had your own show on HGTV what would it be called?
The Lived in Home- Where Comfort Meets Style

7. What is your favorite low budget project?
A great low budget project that always has a high impact is spray painting an old object or flea market find. Color can really transform a piece and give it a face lift. 

8. What was your first decorating disaster?
My first disaster was my old home. It was covered in burgundy and gold. Boy, has my style changed!

9. What was your first decorating success?
My first success was when my bff and I painted my front door black. We were so proud of our first big diy project!

10. What is the one design related task you hate doing?
I love most things about an install except for hanging curtain rods. Although, once they are up and the drapes are hung, the impact on the space usually makes me forget the pain and sweat.

11. What is your favorite cocktail?
I love a frozen margarita or a pomegranate martini. Some days I love them more than others. And, no salt!

So, there's the little glimpse into my world. Here's the 11 bloggers I'm tagging to partake in the fun.

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Lauren at Cove and Grey
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Ange at The Blooming Hydrangea
Samara at The Dressing Room
Kimberly at Third Floor Design Studio

These are all blogs I enjoy on a daily basis! I encourage you to check them out as well.

Their 11 questions are:
1. Whose design work do you most admire?
2. Do you prefer a kitchen with white cabinets or stained cabinets, or maybe neither?
3. Where would your dream vacation take place?
4. Salty or sweet foods?
5. What color do you use most often in your designs?
6. When and where in your home do you blog?

7. Where do you pull most of your inspiration from?
8. What holiday do you most enjoy decorating for?
9. What has been your biggest design dilemma?
10. What is your best diy project/idea?
11. Do you prefer to repurpose furniture or purchase new pieces?


  1. Ooh this is going to be fun. I liked reading your answers, especially music or movies, that is me too! Thanks for tagging me!

  2. Thanks for playing along! :) And I'm a frozen margarita girl too!! Cheers.

  3. Thanks for tagging me -- I had fun reading your answers too!

    Ben just woke up so joining in will have to wait, but this is on my to-do list :)